Aka Aka Primary School - Effort Bring Success

809 Aka Aka Road, RD2, Waiuku, 2682

09 235 2806



The "big little school" in the Waiuku area!

This is where the learning happens.  In the greater Waiuku area, there are definitely bigger schools than Aka Aka.  But, in that same area, and even in the wider area between Waiuku and Pukekohe, Aka Aka is definitely one school which, though it may be small, takes pride in its achievements and successes, working hard to create a safe and interesting place in which all children can strive to succeed to the best of their abilities.  The small, rural school of the past, of Calf Clubs and family days, with healthy doses of community spirit and a can-do attitude, which many people remember with fondness from their early years of schooling, is still alive and well at Aka Aka School, but blended with a technology-rich learning environment, student-centered learning and high expectations for all students both in and out of the classroom.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website, and I hope to see you at our school in the near future.
Principal, Aka Aka School
809 Aka Aka Road
RD2 Waiuku, 2682
09 235 2806

Our Playground and Facilities

We have an extensive junior and senior playground, with new wood chips recently laid down for safety and comfort.  Another part of child safety looked after on school grounds are our flat paved surfaces and wheelchair accessible classrooms and library/Hall facilities, with a wheelchair friendly toilet on-site as well.  Add to this our extensive playing field and swimming pool, and an outdoor-friendly fitness programme can be had by all students!

Main School Building

As you pull into the school parking area, you will see the office and administration area as well as Rooms 1, 2, and 3.  Room 6, where the Pukeko Playgroup is located, is at the far right of this picture.

Our Library

Our Library is where school assemblies usually take place, as well as serving as a place for classes to do some independent reading and Library Skills work, and for children on breaks to relax and enjoy a good book!