Aka Aka Primary School - Effort Bring Success

Important Information Links

  • TKI - New Zealand’s bilingual education portal
    Te Kete Ipurangi is an initiative of the Ministry of Education; it provides New Zealand schools and students with a wealth of information, resources, and curriculum materials to enhance teaching and learning, raise student achievement, and advance professional development for teaching staff and school managers. If you want to know what is happening in the classroom and what it could look like, then this site is for you! Use the "Home" tab at the top left of the page to see more information about topics like National Standards.
  • Ministry of Education
    The name says it all; for all school-related information you could be looking for, this is your "one-stop shop."
  • Education Review Office
    In this link, you will find information about Aka Aka School. Just click on "Find a school or kura report."
  • Aka Aka School on Facebook
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